Discover Talk To: the potential in 1:1 video consultations

In a world where decisions about our homes, gardens, and everyday choices can be overwhelming, Talk To introduces an innovative solution to make these decisions easier and more meaningful.

In this article we will explore how Talk To can transform your home by offering direct access to personal expertise in various fields, all conveniently available online.

What is Talk To?

Talk To is not just a service; it’s your personal guide to bounce off and realizing your ideas and projects with the help from experts within the home industry. Architects, interior designers, garden designers, vintage experts and art advisors, all ready to easaly help you over a video call.

Whether you’re facing a kitchen renovation, contemplating wall colors, art, lighting, or need garden inspiration, Talk To connects you with leading experts ready to help and guide you with your specific questions.

How does it work?

Using Talk To is simple and convenient. First, identify your need and find the perfect expert for your project. Step two involves booking your video consultation at a time that suits you. By providing all necessary information, you prepare smoothly for your consultation, all from the comfort of your own home.

Nicole Wilson_New Generation garden
Nicole Wilson – Garden designer
Talk To Thomas Sandell_Architect
Thomas Sandell – Architect
Navet_Interior designer_
Navet – Interior architects

The benefits you get with Talk To

1. Talk to the right person

A key advantage of Talk To is the ability to communicate directly with experts in specific areas online. By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, you avoid the risk of talking to the wrong people lacking necessary expertise. This not only saves time but also offers flexibility and accessibility.

2. Avoid mistakes and misunderstandings

By talking to the right person online from the start, the risk of misunderstandings and incorrect decisions is reduced. Our experts are carefully selected and can provide precisely the information and guidance needed, facilitated through the online platform we offer. The result is sustainable and well-informed decisions that benefit both you and your situation.

3. Direct access to experts

With our online consultation, you get immediate and direct access to top experts in architecture, interior design, garden design, and art. These specialists usually don’t sell their time per hour.

Our platform establishes a direct communication channel with highly qualified professionals. The swift connection allows you to interact directly with the experts, eliminating distance and providing invaluable insight and guidance for your project.

Through seamless and direct dialogue, the platform enables a deeper understanding and effective collaboration, which is key to realizing your visions. The distance between idea and professional guidance shrinks, and you get the necessary advice to take your projects to new heights.

4. Flexibility in scheduling

One of the significant benefits of online consulting is the ability to book consultations at times that suit you best. It provides flexibility, making it easier for people with different schedules to benefit from expert help without having to adhere to strict timetables.

5. Global accessibility

The platform enables global accessibility, allowing users worldwide to benefit from expert advice. This opens up for diversity and different perspectives, enriching your decision-making process and inspiring unique ideas.

6. Customized and personalized experience

Each consultation is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. It provides a personalized experience where experts can focus on solving your challenges and realizing your visions, whether big or small.

Interior by Kajsa Melchior
Interior by Kajsa Melichior

Let’s hear what those who have tried a digital consultation has to say

Åsa – How a digital consultation with Caroline Borg transformed her living room

Åsa had been struggling with how to furnish and make her living room cozier for over a year, feeling that something was off but unable to pinpoint exactly what. Deciding to book a 55-minute consultation with Interior creator Caroline Borg, whose style and interiors she admired, turned out to be a pivotal decision.

Caroline understood my interior challenges and helped me in the best and kindest way.”

According to Åsa, the consultation was transformative. She found it incredibly helpful to discuss her ideas and get professional insights into her living room and dining area. The consultation left her brimming with ideas and a newfound confidence to proceed independently. The changes and ideas suggested by Caroline have already been put into action, leading to a significant improvement in her living space.

Caroline Borg – Interior creator at TalkTo
Kitchen in the home of Caroline Borg

Alexandra – How a consultation with Julia Glanzelius got her on the right track!

Alexandra wanted to build a pergola at her country house in Gotland. She had so many ideas and desired the pergola to serve multiple purposes: providing shade, a space for barbecue, and enhancing the coziness of her outdoor eating area. Despite having drawn around ten different layouts, she was not completely confident in any of them, which stalled the project’s start.

When her carpenter unexpectedly had availability, Alexandra realized she needed to finalize her plans quickly. This urgency led her to the Talk To platform, where she promptly booked a consultation with Julia from Glanzelius Garden.

Alexandra found the consultation extremely beneficial. She shared her ideas and drawings with Julia, who quickly understood Alexandra’s vision. Julia provided valuable insights and suggestions, considering aspects Alexandra hadn’t thought of, which significantly improved the pergola design and the overall outdoor space.

“I am so glad I booked a consultation before we started building the pergola!”

The carpenter has constructed the pergola, and Alexandra is eagerly anticipating the summer to enjoy her newly designed outdoor area!

Julia at Glanzelius Garden
Glanzelius Garden

Lotten – a 25 min consultation with Cathy Nordström cleared the whirlwind of interior ideas

Lotten found herself in a whirlwind of ideas when it came to decorating her new home. To bring order to the chaos, she decided to book a 25-minute consultation with Cathy Nordström, our expert in textile advice. During this brief but meaningful session, Cathy skillfully sorted through and gave structure to Lotten’s mental clutter.

By exploring color schemes and selecting furniture for the bedroom, library, and living room, Cathy provided targeted guidance. Lotten, who initially felt overwhelmed by her thoughts, found relief when Cathy transformed her ideas into a coherent and feasible plan.

The consultation not only brought clarity to the design process but also boosted Lotten’s confidence in her decision-making.

Interior by Cathy Nordström
Cathy Nordström – Textile designer

Want help to elevate your home or garden?

Book a consultation with our experts. Bounce off your ideas and get immediate help from an expert. Or give a digital gift card to someone you know need help!

Discover Talk To: the potential in 1:1 video consultations

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