Our idea is to create a place where all your home-related questions are answered

Our story

Welcome to Talk To

Our vision is to be the ultimate destination for all your home and interior-related questions.

Through personal 1:1 digital consultations with prominent interior experts on our platform, we open the door to entirely new ideas and perspectives. Anchored in Sweden, renowned for its rich design tradition, Talk To strives to offer a global vision. We gather the foremost experts in the industry and aim to create a comprehensive and versatile experience for users worldwide. Welcome to Talk To!

We all have those moments when we want to make changes in our homes, whether it’s moving, renovating, or redecorating. But the real question is, who do we turn to for solutions?

How do you get assistance with those questions that are more than just a DM on Instagram but not quite the scale of a full-scale project? Most of us reach out to friends, family, or skilled craftsmen. Some of us dive into the vast sea of online information, spending endless hours in search of inspiration and answers. But what if there was a way to connect directly with those who truly understand?

Enter Talk To, a platform designed to link you with home experts through personalized one-to-one video consultations.

At the heart of Talk To is a strong belief – that expert advice in home and interior design should be simplified and accessible to everyone, regardless of the size of the project or budget. By breaking down traditional barriers, access to experts in various home-related areas becomes more democratic. Our mission is clear: to provide genuine interior expertise tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on the finishing touches of furniture to bring a room together or making decisions about art, décor, gardening, paint colors, lighting, or comprehensive design choices for a home renovation project – our advisors are ready to assist you in overcoming your specific challenges.

Welcome to Talk To – where all your home-related questions find their answers.

About us

At Talk To, our passion for creating a space where all your home-related questions find answers is deeply rooted in our own experiences. We understand the overwhelming nature of decision-making during renovations or remodeling projects and the ease with which one can get stuck in the process.

Yet, we’ve also experienced the game-changing impact of having home experts to turn to. With backgrounds in the home and interior design industry, Mathilda as a PR consultant and advisor for interior brands, and Anna, a co-founder of the renovation company Renomate with experience in property development, we have collaborated with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

But here’s the catch – what if you don’t have a network or a budget for a massive project? Or, what if you just need guidance on small decisions with a big impact?

This got us thinking. How could we make it simpler and more accessible for people to connect directly with specialists for advice on all things home-related?

And so, Talk To was born – a platform where we’ve gathered and curated everything you could possibly need within home and interior design. It’s a virtual space for direct access to the industry’s top specialists via video calls, offering personal and in-depth advice that truly makes a difference.

With Talk To, we’re on a mission to create an inclusive, welcoming environment, free from the intimidation often associated with seeking professional help. In a world where digital solutions have become the norm, from booking medical appointments to consulting with psychologists, we believe it’s the right time to offer home and interior design advice digitally too!

Here, you’ll find expertise in every imaginable aspect of interior design. Our service provides quality time with specialists, allowing you to consolidate your questions in one place and receive guidance to make informed decisions, all while making the process of creating the home you love stress-free. Welcome to Talk To, where expert advice meets the ease of digital accessibility!