Get 1:1 advice from the best experts within the home industry

Get 1:1 advice from the best specialists within the home industry

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What clients are saying

Fantastic service! We gained a lot from our consultation and feel more secure. We will definitely reach out to Talk to again when we need more help in the future!


Great service! In just 55 minutes, I received so much inspiration and tips on how to approach my home interior design project. The conversation opened up new ways of thinking as I was stuck in my own ideas!


Incredibly professional and much-needed service! Made a huge difference in sorting out my chaotic interior design thoughts!


It was incredibly valuable to
discuss alternative floor plans with competent and professional architects.
Additionally, I received several suggestions for color schemes, additional lighting,
and product recommendations.


I found the experience helpful and immediately recommended Talk To to a friend. It was a true delight to speak with an expert who offered insights we hadn’t considered before.


From being in complete panic about curtain decisions before Christmas to having absolutely fantastic textiles in the windows last week. Thank you Talk To!


In such limited time my expert managed to efficiently give me valuable insights and ideas for the project. They were well prepared, and we spoke the same language. I left the meeting excited and thinking I would like to book additional hours through the platform!


I’m genuinely pleased with the consultation; we definitely got great value for our money. I’ve now also booked additional help through the Talk To platform.


We now have a floorpan and sketch for the facades that we are very happy with, and can finally move on from the initial phase of the renovation. Great value for time and money spent!


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Welcome to a world where the foremost experts in the home industry are readily available for you – handpicked to ensure that your journey is easy, fast, and cost-effective.

We’ve created an environment where accessibility is a seamless experience. With experts covering all areas around your home, you can book a time and connect to your video call – it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Create the home you’ve always dreamed of with the help of our handpicked experts. Explore new possibilities and let your vision take shape with professional guidance. Your dream home is just a call away. Experience the difference with expert help at your fingertips.

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Our experienced architects are ready to bring your visions to life. From solving tricky floor plans to creating the perfect kitchen, they strive to shape the ideal home for you. Whether you’re considering adding an orangery, creating a custom library, or need insights on a building permit application, they offer expert guidance and advice to transform your vision into reality. With their broad expertise and creativity, you can be sure that your project will be unique and tailored to your preferences and needs. Let our architects be your partner on the way.


Are you facing a move or feeling that it’s time for a change? We understand that making all decisions yourself can be challenging. Our experienced interior designers are here to make the process quick, easy, and cost-effective. By listening to your needs and preferences, they will guide you through all possibilities. This includes material selection, color coordination, and furniture arrangement to create a beautiful and functional home with a thoughtful atmosphere. With attention to each room, they create a cohesive theme with fitting characters in furniture, lighting, and textiles to help you realize your dream home.


Do you dream of a change in your garden, where a specific area doesn’t quite meet your expectations? Or do you have thoughts of creating a kitchen garden and need inspiration? Our garden advisors are here to help. Using their expertise, they guide you through changing and improving how you use your garden. By sharing their knowledge and experience, they, together with you, create a garden that is not only visually appealing but also practical and tailored to your preferences. Together, we can create an outdoor environment where you truly thrive and love to be.


Our textile and curtain experts craft tailored solutions to enhance the atmosphere in your room. With deep insights into patterns and colors, along with expertise in color combinations, they guide you to a beautiful home that reflects your unique style. Additionally, our experts provide advice on various textile choices, assist you in mixing and matching patterns, and demonstrate how you can transform a room with textiles. Let us guide you through options and select the perfect hanging solution that complements both curtains and room.


With flair and an unmistakable eye for exciting details and color palettes, our interior designers can help you elevate your home by finding the aesthetic that’s right for you.