The Curtain Specialist’s tips: Choose the perfect curtains for your home

Selecting the right curtains can be a daunting task, with various materials, colors, and hanging methods to consider. To help you navigate the world of curtains, we’ve invited our experts, Bobo Andersson and Sanna Hall.

Understanding the basics

Few things can transform a home as profoundly as curtains. Our curtain experts often hear from their customers how much their new curtains have contributed to creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in their homes.

While also improving sleep quality with custom-made blackout curtains. Every home and every window is unique, and there are as many curtain solutions as there are windows!

The importance of custom-made curtain solutions

By making a thoughtful choice, both in terms of functionality and style, you can get curtains tailored to you, whether you choose unlined pleated lengths, wave curtains, valances, Roman blinds, or lined curtains with blackout capability.

It’s essential to remember that curtains are like rugs. They tie together the entire room’s decor”

Curtains can be adapted to seasons

Now, as we enter late autumn and winter, the need for curtains increases. Who wants to look at a dark hole and feel a draft from the window? The ability to close with thick, luxurious curtain lengths provides an extra cozy atmosphere during the dark months of the year.

During summer, sheer curtains are in demand to filter the sun’s warm rays and create a pleasant morning ambiance.

Expert advice from Bobo Andersson and Sanna Hall: Decoding curtain types for different rooms

One of the most common questions our experts receive regarding curtains is which type of curtain is best for each room and how to hang them to achieve the desired style and functionality.

Bobo Andersson

Choosing curtain fabrics, style, curtain accessories, and functionality for the perfect result is not always easy, especially with a wide range of fabrics to choose from, including sheer voile in pure linen to more technical fabrics like functional fabrics.

Sanna Hall

Natural vs. synthetic fabric: which is right for your windows?

For those who prefer curtains with an exact length that just reaches the floor, the choice of curtain fabric is crucial. Natural materials like wool and linen tend to expand over time, so if you are comfortable with slightly longer curtains, these materials can be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you want your curtains to have the exact length all the time, it may be wise to choose synthetic materials that retain their shape and length.

Pre-renovation planning: the often overlooked curtain budget in home renovations

It’s worth noting that people often do not plan for curtains in their renovation or interior design budgets when moving into a new home. It’s wise to plan early in the renovation process.

The same applies to choosing the type of curtain track system or curtain rods. If you prefer recessed tracks in the ceiling or behind moldings or cornices, it’s advantageous to include this in your planning or architectural drawings, if available.

Don’t forget to include your curtains in the planning and budgeting for your renovation

Curtain inspiration – 6 Tips for elevating your space!

Below are 6 expert tips that you can implement in your home to elevate your space with curtains

  1. To create an open look, allowing the curtain rod to extend a significant distance on either side of the window.
  2. Choose a curtain rod with care! Consider that the curtain rod is a part of your decor and can be seen as an accessory, not just a functional item. Select rods based on the room and the residence where the curtain will hang, its intended function, and the desired expression.
  3. Hang high! Mount your curtain rod high, above the window sill, or even in the ceiling if you want to achieve the popular ‘hotel curtain’ look.
  4. Hang in 2 layers. Install a double rod where the curtains can run parallel. Place a thinner curtain toward the window for privacy and a thicker fabric length inside the room or a blackout curtain. Don’t skimp on fabric; more fabric creates a richer curtain.
  5. Lining is often recommended as it helps maintain the quality, color and luster of the fabric.
  6. If you’re considering repainting, take your cues from the curtain fabric and other textile furnishings when choosing wall colors, rather than the other way around. This can make it easier to match tones.
The beautiful home of Julia Hichens

Want help to elevate your space with curtains?

Book a curtain consultation with our experts. Get help with your needs and room conditions, making it easier to find the curtain solution that suits you. It works whether you want ready-made or custom-made curtains.

With the right measurements, appropriate hanging options, and fabric choice, you’ll get a curtain that will last and you will love for many years!

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