Cathy Nordström: A Creative Journey to Colorful Interior Design and Inspiration

Step into the colorful world of Cathy Nordström, the Swedish textile designer celebrated for her vibrant and colorful interior style. In a candid conversation, Cathy shares the roots of her artistic journey, her unwavering love for patterns and colors, and the essence of an intriguing interior.

Join us as we get to know the artistic soul behind Studio Cathy Nordström and uncover the history, passion, and creativity that fuel her design philosophy, while also gaining valuable tips on how to infuse more color into your interior with inspiration from Cathy.

When did your interest in design first start and how did that come about?

I’ve always had a creative side, doodling, drawing, and painting. Collecting. I rearranged and repainted my room countless times during my childhood. It’s a family thing – my great-grandfather, grandmother, mother, and brother, they’re all artists and creatives. I remember spending afternoons at my grandparents’ house after school, and my grandma Babs would sketch me while I watched TV.

I got serious about a career in design after studying art history and taking a year-long design course in London in my early twenties. Patterns have always fascinated me, and I often found ways to incorporate them into my graphic design work. But it wasn’t until later in my career that I fully embraced textiles and patterns. And there’s no turning back.

You have an international and colorful expression, have you always liked patterns and color?

I am drawn to pattern, textiles, and color in a way that I find hard to describe. It’s physical. I remember visiting Marrakech ten years ago and experiencing such joy and fulfillment. Everywhere you look there’s a love for artistry, beauty and intricate details.

“I’ve always had an artistic side, doodling, drawing, and painting

I also love the English and American way of layering textiles, they have a much more fearless or joyful attitude when it comes to interiors. A personal and eclectic home that shares a story of who actually lives there seems to be the goal, rather than the picture perfect home. I think is Swedes could definitely use more fun in our homes.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be textiles that inspires me though; I’m equally fascinated by architecture and design, but I would say that color, pattern, and beautiful materials are the common thread.

When it comes to infusing more color and vibrancy into your decor, do you have any advice?

If you’re a bit unsure about using lots of colors and patterns in your interior design but want to give it a try, here’s how you can approach it:

Start by recognizing that if your home currently lacks color and pattern, anything new you add will stand out and might feel out of place. So, patience is key when you’re ‘changing’ your home style. Understand that it takes time, and it won’t become perfect overnight.

“It takes time and acceptance of the fact that it won’t become perfect at once

One helpful strategy is to begin with something you already love, like a special piece of art or a cherished rug. Use that item as your starting point and pick colors from it; this helps narrow down your color choices. Then, explore interior decoration books, magazines, and Pinterest to find a style that you love.

Remember, your personal taste should guide you. Color is a powerful form of expression, so choose colors that resonate with you and reflect your unique personality. And if it still feels overwhelming, consider a consultation through Talk To for hands-on advice.

What characterizes an interesting interior according to you?

Eclecticism and a “not-too-perfect” home. This doesn’t mean a messy home. Clutter must be curated. There needs to be a sense of who is living there; if not, it just looks like a generic hotel interior, and that is utterly boring.

I love coming to a home that has an element of surprise; it can be a piece of art, memory, or something inherited that has meaning to the person living there. 

What is your source of inspiration?

History, always. Museums, a book on ancient crafts, vintage textiles, architecture, movies… But I don’t constantly seek inspiration; for me, that becomes exhausting. I turn it on and off. I like working with a project in mind, setting a brief for myself.

Cathy – thank you so much for charing your knowledge with us!

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