Studio He

Architect & Interior designer

Studio He, founded by Xiao He, is a full service architecture and interior design studio that design dream homes from sketch to finished home.

Many may recognize Xiao He’s country house from the last season of Grand designs Sweden. There, her home was described as the perfect hybrid between case study house, Swedish log cabin and Asian temple. 

Xiao was also recently selected as one of 20 young architectural offices in the world by Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2023.

Xiao has worked 11 years as an architect in commercial projects but now only works with private projects that align with her design philosophy. Xiao creates solutions for her clients with support and advice throughout the whole creating-a-home process with guidance along the way.

Significant for Xiao’s design is the constant balance between sustainability and environmental concerns combined with harmony and aesthetics in each project. Her approach involves a close interaction between the clients’ identity and wishes, the surrounding nature and her characteristic Nordic and Asian design style.

“No matter size of your project I look forward to helping you with solutions and give support throughout your journey ” 

Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish, Chinese och English speaking

  Få hjälp med:

  • change a floor plan
  • discuss floor plan changes and layout for bathroom and kitchen
  • sounding board extensions on houses/villas
  • support building permits
  • ideas regarding construction
  • budget and cost
  • how to take care of your house
  • support when buying or looking for a piece of land
  • planning and ideas before a renovation
  • custom built-ins
  • furniture and carpet selection and placement
  • choose and combine paint colors

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25 min
1495 SEK
1:1 video call
55 min
2495 SEK
1:1 video call

What clients are saying

“With the assistance of Xiao, we received help not only with our specific questions but also with all the unforeseen details that truly made a difference. We were extremely pleased with the service. I wholeheartedly recommend others in the same planning and renovation phase as us to take advantage of this invaluable resource. It’s a cost-effective way to ensure that your major investments end up exceeding your expectations!” 

– Victor

“I am incredibly satisfied, couldn’t have asked for better guidance. Xiao is truly invaluable. So efficient. She knew exactly how to tweak and adjust all the dimensions and placements throughout an entire house with minimal changes to make it so much better. She is both practical and visually inclined, which worked incredibly well with me. I’m genuinely delighted.” 

– Karin

“Impressed with Xiao’s service! In under an hour, she expertly crafted a new floor plan for our house renovation, fulfilling all our requirements. Despite a year of
unsuccessful attempts on my own, Xiao’s session brought everything seamlessly together. Her initial suggestions adapted swiftly to my input, resulting in a floor plan
and facades sketch we’re thrilled with. Highly recommend for anyone seeking floor plan insights – excellent value for time and money!

– Siri