Thomas Sandell


Thomas Sandell, architect SIR/SAR, is one of Sweden’s most renowned architects and designers. He describes his architecture as influenced by functionality, art, and joy.

With a distinct Scandinavian touch, he consistently aims to incorporate a twist of humor and joy, steering clear of excessive minimalism. Each ongoing project is the most exciting for him.

He has served as the chairman of the Swedish Association of Architects. Is a globally acclaimed architect and designer and run the architectural firm Sandellsandberg. His work spans architecture, interior design, and furniture design for clients worldwide.

Sandell’s expression is unmistakable, characterized by modernity and international elegance, coupled with a unique appreciation for Nordic heritage.

“Looking forward to helping you create a house or room where function, architecture, and joy unite into something really good” 

Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish and English speaking

  Get advice on:

  • floor plan changes
  • sounding board extensions on houses/villas
  • support building permits
  • ideas regarding construction
  • support when buying or looking for a piece of land
  • custom built-ins or furniture design

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