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    Talk to Victor and Helena by booking a consultation in the calendar below.

    A digital consultation is a great way to get quality time with experts. Before your meeting the expert will prepare and look through the information you upload in order to give you tailored advice. If you, after the meeting, want the expert to deliver mood boards, interior design schemes, floor plans etc we will help you to order this kind of deliverables.

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    Talk to Victor and Helena at Look Projects by booking a consultation in the calendar below.

    Discover the benefits of video consultations to receive personalized advice directly and conveniently from our experienced experts. We prioritize thorough preparation, which is included in the price for each session. This means that our experts carefully review the information you share with us to ensure tailored and professional advice and solutions. If you need further assistance, such as mood boards or drawings, our advisors are available to provide this at an additional cost. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.