Tabitha Isobel

Interior designer

Tabitha Isobel is a London based Interior Architecture and Design Studio, lead by Tabitha Organ.

Tabitha has a decade of experience in the industry. She achieved a Bachelor Honours Degree in Interior Design from Falmouth University. Prior to founding her studio in early 2023, Tabitha has worked at the prestigious, Conran + Partners and the pioneering, Sella Concept.

Tabitha Isobel offers a full-service, from concept to completion, for residential, commercial, and retail projects.

Tabitha Isobel is a dynamic Interior Design studio, dedicated to creating captivating environments that seamlessly blend history with contemporary flair, delivering distinctive and timeless design experiences.

“At the core of our studio ethos is the ability to listen, have integrity and be honest. We are not driven by trends, but by authenticity. We aim to inspire clients, bring their visions to life and exceed expectations. Your space should reflect who you are, be a source of inspiration and function perfectly. We are here to make that happen and have some fun along the way!”

London, England

English speaking

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55 min
2200 SEK
1:1 video call

Want more?

If you and your Expert hit it off during the consultation and you would like the Expert to deliver mood boards, interior schemes, floor plans etc you can book the Expert for a larger project after your consultation, as long as she/he has time. After your video call you will get the opportunity to order this kind of service.

What to expect from a video consultation?

Whether you want help with a floor plan or need help achieving cohesion and a common thread in your home, Anna is the perfect sounding board.

Show your space over video, prepare a presentation with photos and/or links to walk through over screen-share, or simply talk and take notes. The time is yours to use however is most helpful for you.

The countless decisions of creating a home you love can be time-consuming and expensive. Talking to an expert makes the process easier – and more fun!

Common questions

How does a consultation work?

All consultations take place via video calls in Google Meet. Before your consultation, you will receive a calendar invitation with a link via email leading to your video meeting. In the meeting you will be able to show your home/room/garden and talk to your advisor and share your thoughts and concerns.

Should I prepare for my consultation?

Before your consultation, you will receive a guide from us that will clearly show you how to prepare in the best possible way. The best consultations are those where the customer has prepared and knows which questions they want answered.

Of course, your preparation can be as minimal or thorough as you feel is necessary to achieve your goals with the consultation. We suggest putting together a simple document or presentation that includes photos of the spaces you need help with and questions you want answered.

You will also be able to upload information like inspirational pictures, furniture that you like or floor plans/drawings. It is totally up to you what kind of information you want to upload. Your adviser will be able to review this information before the meeting with you.

If you have further questions about how to prepare, please contact us at

How do I show my advisor my home?

As the meeting takes place via video (Google Meet) which you can use on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet, the idea is that you film your space during the meeting so that the adviser can see and give advice directly.

Before the meeting, you will also be able to upload pictures and your questions so that the adviser can prepare. It is also possible to share images and other material with each other during the video meeting itself.

How do I pay for a consultation?

Payment is made securely by card when booking a consultation. Just like when you buy an item of clothing in a webshop.

Can I contact my booked advisor before the meeting and tell them what I want to talk about?

You will not be able to contact or discuss directly with your advisor before the consultation.

However, when you book your appointment, you can write a short note to your advisor and explain what you want to talk about. After booking your consultation, you will also have the opportunity to provide your expert with additional information about your project and your questions.

You will also be able to upload files (presentations, images, floor plans, etc.) that the advisor can look at before the consultation and that you can review together during your consultation.

Will the expert send me documents such as drawings and mood boards after the consultation?

Talk To is a service based around video consultations. A little bit like KRY and Mindler. This means that all communication with your Expert takes place during the meeting and no deliverables in the form of drawings or mood boards are sent to you afterwards. 

If, on the other hand, you would like to order a larger project from your Expert, after the consultation, which means that the Expert will do work for you outside the platform, that is of course fine.